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Nov 24th 06 7:26 pm
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Adagio Glass Mug and Infuser

by FairTaxGuy » Nov 24th 06 7:26 pm ... fuser.html

Has anybody purchased this? I've been considering the ingenuiTEA but this glass mug and infuser seems like it may be a better option.

Although I am curious what do you do with the infuser after you're done steeping the leaves? Do you have to have some container to put this in once you remove it from the mug? If that's the case then it does not seem to be anymore convenient than the ingenuiTEA would be.

Being an engineer I work back and forth between a lab (electronics) and an office so I'm trying to find some type of infuser that'd be conducive to a lab environment.

Nov 25th 06 10:54 pm
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Infusers and such.

by mokie » Nov 25th 06 10:54 pm

I don't have this cup+infuser combo, but the idea is that the infuser is removed and set aside--on a saucer, in a separate cup, chucked in the kitchen sink, whatever.

It sounds like neither the ingenuitea nor the cup+infuser is what you're looking for.

You might try poking around in your local Starbucks to see if they have a french press travel mug for sale. It's meant for coffee, but the principle's the same: insert tea, add water, steep, then push the plunger in and voila, you can drink the tea without worrying about what to do with the leaves.

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Dec 2nd 06 10:00 pm
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by InfuseMe » Dec 2nd 06 10:00 pm

I have the glass mug + infuser and I love it. I keep it at my desk at work. It comes with a lid, and you can remove the infuser and place it on the lid like a coaster. Then you can just get rid of the leaves whenever you're ready.

Dec 3rd 06 3:56 am
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by deadfingers » Dec 3rd 06 3:56 am

Well I was going to get the ingenuiTEA myself but figured I wouldn't be drinking that much tea at a time. I got the mug and infuser, figured it would be more practical, and besides if I wanted more tea I could just make another cup. It's 12oz do 2 cups should be more than enough to satisfy me in one sitting. I can't wait till I get it, I would use it at work but I don't have anything to heat the water there besides a microwave, and I really don't feel like lugging around the tins of tea nor a thermometer. I'll just make some iced tea and take it to work. :)