Mar 8th 07 6:15 am
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Glass filters/infusers?

by deadfingers » Mar 8th 07 6:15 am

So ever since I went to this Korean restaurant and ordered Darjeeling, I found that using a glass infuser is way better. I use a stainless steel mesh filter that I bought from Adagio, and although it is pretty good it's a pain to clean. I figure with a glass filter it would be easier to clean out. I looked online but didn't find any places that sell them in mug size (11-16oz). They sell a few here but they are sold with the teapot and I really don't want to buy the teapot just for that.

Mar 16th 07 7:04 pm
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Glass is pretty but that's it

by kela » Mar 16th 07 7:04 pm

Although glass filters are cool for watching tea steep, I wouldn't recommend one for a couple of reasons:
1. They're just like a little cup inside your mug with little slits. These slits allow lots of sediment through, especially with rooibos which gets stuck in the slits and is a pain to clean.
2. They're very fragile. I had one for less than a month and despite my extreme care, I bumped it on the sink and one tiny section between the slits broke, leaving the filter useless.

The best single cup filters are the stainless steel mesh ones. They filter everything without getting anything stuck in them. They clean up with a simple rinse of water. You can use them in glass mugs and still watch your water change color, but the filter will last forever, even if you're a clutz like me who will inevitably break the pretty mug.

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Mar 16th 07 10:45 pm
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by wyardley » Mar 16th 07 10:45 pm

I mostly just use a gaiwan to brew / strain tea, but for what you're talking about, I think the Korean ceramic mugs with built in filter are pretty nice. Hangawi / Franchia in NY has some nice ones. I saw another site recently which had a good selection.

There are 3 or 4 pieces - a combination lid / filter holder, the filter / infuser itself, the cup, and optionally a saucer. I got my girlfriend one, and she uses it all the time at work.

There are some Chinese ones that are of a similar design, which you can find in almost any asian market.


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Mar 16th 07 11:37 pm
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by tenuki » Mar 16th 07 11:37 pm

I have a bodum glass mug + stailness infuser that is just beautiful. ... 206&sr=8-3

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Aug 15th 07 1:03 am
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by Wesli » Aug 15th 07 1:03 am

I've been using a glass infuser for months, it really isn't easy to clean. The slits in the bottom inevitably get stuck full of tea after every steeping. The only teas that don't clog the slits are made up of large leaves, such as oolongs. Kela is right, they're very fragile, I have chipped and cracked my infusor without even knowing.
I also have a ceramic infusor which is no good because the holes are so large that even whole leaves are let through.
The only thing I've found to stop reasonably all tea leaves is a mesh filter.

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