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Mar 23rd, '07, 04:07
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What happened to the clarity cup?

by Graeme43 » Mar 23rd, '07, 04:07

Hi :D I used to have a lovely clarity cup 8) but had some beer in it then it just slipped from my hand :shock: :oops: then no more clarity cup :cry: but adagio don't sell them anymore :x just plain glass mugs with no adagio badge :shock: :shock: I had a bond with that cup :( and I loved the adagio badge!

Anyone know where to get one? :D

Thanks :wink:

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Mar 23rd, '07, 09:57
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by Mary R » Mar 23rd, '07, 09:57

I've scoured the magical interweb and found nada.

¡Lo siento, mi amigo que ame emoticons!

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