Jul 6th 05 4:13 am
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ingenuiTea and Jumbo Cup?

by DavidA » Jul 6th 05 4:13 am

Hi all-

I was wondering if anyone knew if the 16oz ingenuiTea teapot works with the Jumbo cup that Adagio also carries?

Thanks for any help!


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Jul 6th 05 2:00 pm
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by chris » Jul 6th 05 2:00 pm

Thanks for the note.

While the ingenuiTEA works with any cup (as in, its valve mechanism will function with any cup due to the fact that all you need to do is touch the bottom of the pot to the cup), it doesn't necessarily fit perfectly atop all cups. The Jumbo cup's mouth is larger than the ingenuiTEA's base, so it will not be able to rest atop. The perfect fitting cup for this is the clarity cup. Here is the link:


Hope this helps,

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