Jul 18th 07 2:47 pm
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Glass Mug Infuser by Adagio

by Antone » Jul 18th 07 2:47 pm

Hi all,
Wondering for those of you using this product, is it good to use for Japanese green tea (loose) such as Sencha? I hear of alot of infusers that get clogged because these are finer type leaves?? Appreciate any info advise. Thanks :)

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Jul 18th 07 4:59 pm
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by xine » Jul 18th 07 4:59 pm

Hey Antone! The glass mug/infuser is great for smaller/finer teas, as the infuser has very tiny holes/is finer in the metal mesh, as opposed to the older glass infuser which had large slots to let the water through. With the finer mesh/smaller holes, the water also goes through perfectly.