Jan 19th, '06, 19:12

Adagio teapots

by stardog70 » Jan 19th, '06, 19:12

No news that I know of. I've been buying all the Jenaer glass products I think I'll want for a while. The little tea glasses are my latest purchase. I find them delightful to drink from and just the right size for small persons as well. Are you just brand new to Adagio?

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Feb 10th, '06, 01:28
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by jogrebe » Feb 10th, '06, 01:28

ilya wrote:Adagio Teas is in the process of developing a few glass teapots that will be very similar to Jenaer's old line. Hopefully we will have them available before we deplete our Jenaer supply.
Sounds great do you plan on having them made out of tempered glass like the Jenaer ones? Also don't forget about tempered glass mugs and tea cups as well.

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