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Oct 13th, '05, 14:56
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Clarity Cup

by klemptor » Oct 13th, '05, 14:56

You guys should check out the clarity cup: it's got Adagio's logo on it now (instead of the cartoony thing that was on it before):


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Oct 13th, '05, 15:05
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by Tadiera » Oct 13th, '05, 15:05

Yay! Much better. I love the cup, but the design that was on it before just... was not me. XD

Oct 13th, '05, 15:57
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by Ally » Oct 13th, '05, 15:57

ooh yay! i did'nt get that cup before b/c it was entirely too goofy for me. but it's smoooooooooooooooth.

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Oct 13th, '05, 17:21
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by teaspoon » Oct 13th, '05, 17:21

That's hot, I might have to get one now too!

~the stylish teaspoon in need of a stylish glass mug

Oct 13th, '05, 21:50
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by ribex » Oct 13th, '05, 21:50

I should have mine tomorrow if the Fedex shipping info is really correct!


Nov 7th, '05, 13:42

Clarity Cup

by Teatime » Nov 7th, '05, 13:42

I should get mine hopefully tomorrow with my first order! It looks so cool!


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