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Dec 4th 08 6:55 pm
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by Oni » Dec 4th 08 6:55 pm


Look carefully on the small ribbles on the side, it is handmade porcelain it is made on a potters wheel, it costed me a lot, but it is worht every penny.

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Dec 4th 08 7:40 pm
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by Smells_Familiar » Dec 4th 08 7:40 pm

inspectoring wrote:wow.....I have one word - A M A Z I N G !!! every possible way !!!...
Glad to hear the purchase was a success! I think these cups are involved in my future somehow...

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Dec 4th 08 7:48 pm
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by olivierco » Dec 4th 08 7:48 pm

Oni wrote:This is the way of really enjoying gyokuro and the higher the quality the greater the umami, so this way it is not the same wether you use glass or porcelain or ceramics, I have only porcelain set but later on I will buy a set from maikoshop that is made out of ceramic.
Reliable source please?

As you have only a porcelain set (a nice one I agree), how can you compare with glass or ceramics?

If "Preheating for gyokuro is a must" (I agree with this) , what would be the point of preheating teacups if you want the teacups to retain the least heat as possible?

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Dec 4th 08 9:15 pm
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by Space Samurai » Dec 4th 08 9:15 pm

Oni, please remember that your way of enjoying something, even if it is the traditional way, is not the "right way" for everyone. Even Okakura Kakuzo warned about being slaves to tradition.

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Dec 5th 08 2:30 am
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Re: can I use these for gyokuro?

by gingkoseto » Dec 5th 08 2:30 am

inspectoring wrote: ... 729&sr=8-1

Please keep in mind that they are 2 oz. The frequent problem I had was that when I would brew the tea - the tea would go cold before I finish it. I hope that this would not happen with these cups...

Thank you for your opinion...

The Image
Oh and they are on sale! And I love the small size. Great! I immediately want a set :D

By the way, will you people brew gyokuro right in these cups or use a teapot to brew and use cup to drink? I think there may be some difficulty soaking gyokuro in the cup all the time. But since the cups are small, maybe it's not a problem at all. Anyway I plan to get a set and try :D

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Dec 5th 08 6:23 am
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by Oni » Dec 5th 08 6:23 am

Of course along the way I have tried many methods of brewing and when I am getting a banko kyusu I will try to brew gyokuro in it, but for medium quality gyokuro it might be better in a 240 ml kyusu, but with the highest quality I would use small teaware with lots of leaf, otherwise you will taste a subtle tea, only when you concentrate it enough can you sense the real diffrence between a very high quality gyokuro and a lower quality one. An about the ceramic teaset, I am just curious how it would change the taste of the tea.

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Dec 5th 08 6:30 am
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by Oni » Dec 5th 08 6:30 am

Type in youtube the word sencha , and find Ogasawararyuu , they have 3 educational casts, and on their site they have pictures, they show the sencha ceremony, and they use very traditional methods, for example some of those I would not use, and I changed the order a bit, I use the method tought by maikotea, and I use the yuzamashi as a serving pitcher, most of the people I know do this.