Jan 2nd, '09, 18:20
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Concert Teapot Lid

by Heaven's Agent » Jan 2nd, '09, 18:20

My little sister loves her teas, and she was thrilled when my parents managed to find and buy her an Adagio Concert Teapot this Christmas. It arrived Tuesday, and she adores it. Unfortunately, my mother accidentally broke the lid today when pouring herself a cup. Does anyone have any idea where we can find a replacement lid, or even a new teapot? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Jan 2nd, '09, 21:11
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Contact: Wesli

by Wesli » Jan 2nd, '09, 21:11

They're out of stock on the west coast, as you've likely noticed.

Contact Adagio and they might be able to sell you a replacement lid, and/or set up a shipment from their east coast warehouse.

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