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Jan 13th 09 5:58 am
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Glass Teapot w/ Handle

by PolyhymnianMuse » Jan 13th 09 5:58 am

What I mean by a handle are the teapots like this: ... dZViewItem

I especially like the "spring" style catcher around the inside of the spout. I think something like this would be very nice for brewing green tea in the comming spring and summer, not to mention some good iced tea. The only problem is I dont really want one that big, If I could find a glass teapot with that kind of handle around 200-300ml that would be the perfect size for me. Does anyone know where I could find such a thing?


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Jan 13th 09 6:14 am
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by Victoria » Jan 13th 09 6:14 am

There is a smaller one at Hou De but maybe not as small as you want.

Oh and Rishi has one too.

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Jan 13th 09 11:26 am
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by Ritva » Jan 13th 09 11:26 am

I bought this for my mother as a Christmas present with some flowering tea ... m153.l1262
It's very pretty even though it has a metal handle instead of bamboo but it's not as easy to pour as teapot with "normal" (= built-in) handle. Since the handle is attached to the body of the teapot with hooks, it moves around a bit. I don't mean it's completely impractical but it's not as steady as your normal teapot.

I have this ... m153.l1262
and I've been very pleased with it.

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Jan 15th 09 2:32 am
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by JP » Jan 15th 09 2:32 am

I use this:

As a matter of fact, I'm using it as I post this; brewing up the Earl Grey that came with it. Very nice on this freezing cold night! The glass pot included in the set is made of a light thin glass that so far has proven able to take the heat. I like being able to watch the tea brew in it. Unfortunately, they don't sell the pot by itself, you have to buy the gift basket. But it is good tea that comes with it.

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Jan 15th 09 3:28 am
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by Herb_Master » Jan 15th 09 3:28 am

I bought one of these (300ml) to use as a faircup for my larger teapots, but I am not sure if I attached the handle properly it feels a bit loose to be comfortable and the pot slips sideways as I am pouring sometimes.

If I press the clasps tightly so that it does not move then the lid catches them ... otohosting

Here it is again with several photos even showing the handle sideways on to the teapot which happens tro me when the pot is full ... 6002r34944