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Jan 13th 09 11:43 pm
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by Cate » Jan 13th 09 11:43 pm

I felt like i was obligated to post this, to be perfectly honest, because I do not want anyone else getting injured.

I ordered two of the saucer and cup sets. They are absolutely beautiful, i will say. I received them and used them on friday. Saturday evening, my roommate and I were watching a movie when we heard glass shattering in the kitchen. When we went to look, we saw that the saucer had EXPLODED. Like, glass everywhere, in the kitchen and living room. It took me nearly a half hour to get every last miniscule shard up off the carpets. Now, my roommate and I were home alone, and we have no pets, so nothing could have knocked them over. Not only that, but the tea cup had been on TOP of the saucer, and was still in place where I left it. The sets had not been used in over 24 hours, and had zero liquid in them. They were room temperature. I emailed Adagio (and I have to say, their customer service IS wonderful.) They said they received no other reports on this, and said it may have been just a defect in that specific saucer, and promptly mailed me a new saucer (its being delivered now.)
Today, I made a pot of tea, and used one of my glass cups with the one saucer that i have left. I was laying in bed with the teapot and cup saucer on the nightstand, and was drinking out of the teacup, so i had it in my hand for a few minutes while i was on the phone. I hear shattering and feel glass shards stick into my arm. My saucer, completely alone, had exploded. I don't get it.

I am so angry right now. These sets are serious hazards, and I am just letting everyone know that it's a really bad idea to order these. It's not worth the risk. Thank GOD I was not holding the saucer in my hand, because I cannot even imagine what would have happened if those shards of glass had gotten in my eye. I'm already paying the price with an injured left arm.

I plan on calling first thing tomorrow before my classes.