Dec 29th 05 6:26 am

IngenuiTEA vs glass minuet

by Angi » Dec 29th 05 6:26 am

I can't decide which one to purchase!?!
I am looking for something I can carry with me when my husband and I go off on trips together. He likes coffee, and I like tea. Any suggestions? I am looking at the IngenuiTEA and the glass minuet.


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Dec 29th 05 2:05 pm
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by klemptor » Dec 29th 05 2:05 pm

I'd suggest the IngenuiTEA simply because it's made of plastic and is therefore less likely to break in transit.

Dec 29th 05 3:23 pm
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by Snow on Cedar » Dec 29th 05 3:23 pm

On the other hand, the minuet is smaller. But personally I'd get the ingenuiTEA...So you can use it at home. (And even the small one makes two regualar sized cups of tea)

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Dec 29th 05 3:42 pm
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by vbguy772 » Dec 29th 05 3:42 pm

My vote is for the IngenuiTEA also. I have over 12 teapots and unless I have company I always use the IngenuiTEA. It makes great tea, is very easy to clean since I have a garbage disposal, and is so simple to use. I agree about it holding up better in travel also. It may be made of plastic, but it's tough. I've dropped it on my tile floor and not even a scratch.

Happy sipping.


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Dec 30th 05 6:05 pm
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by teaspoon » Dec 30th 05 6:05 pm

The ingenuiTEA is God's gift to creation. I'm a believer. Oh yes.

In all seriousness, though, it IS the greatest teaware I've come across. AND it's fascinating. I had a friend over once and when I made tea in it, he was all like "WHOA! How does THAT work?" which of course led to me getting one for him and his girlfriend for Christmas. See? Efficient gift-giving as well! Heehee...

~teaspoon the preacher of ingenuiTEA's glory