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Jun 28th 09 1:27 pm
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by JP » Jun 28th 09 1:27 pm

I have a glass tea pot that I have been using often for the past 6 months while brewing teas, especially greens. What I like about it is watching the leaves perform their dance while they are being brewed. It does have that coil spring strainer in it that is very easy to clean, you simply press on it from the inside of the pot and it unhooks from the spout.

I'm using that pot right now. This morning it's a jasmine pearl tea brewing on it's second infusion.

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Jul 3rd 09 4:00 pm
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by Louis » Jul 3rd 09 4:00 pm

this kind of teapot usually used for flowers tea

Jul 4th 09 4:27 pm
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by Chinese Kung Fu Tea Art » Jul 4th 09 4:27 pm

The glass teapot that you've post is alright! But remember they break very easily! So I don't suggest you to use these kind of teapot for daily use!

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Jul 4th 09 4:50 pm
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by Victoria » Jul 4th 09 4:50 pm

Another fan of glass here. I use one almost every day. Love watching the tea brew and the colors. Never broke one yet. I really like the design of yours Brad!