Mar 4th 09 8:33 am
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taste of glass vs taste of porcelain???

by mr. Less » Mar 4th 09 8:33 am

hi everyone

today i did a little experiment to determine which vessel would be best to contain boiling water.
I boiled my water on a stove, and then i poured half in a glass container and half in a porcelain teapot.
Then i took my 150 ml yixing pot, filled it with 10 gram TKY, and used the water from the porcelain pot for the first steeping(35 sec.)
for the second steeping (45 sec) i used water from the glass container.
i repeated this a couple of times.
My mother joined in ,and she didnt know which was which.
to my taste the water from the porcelain pot tasted rounder , whereas the water from the glas container, was sharper and rougher
my mother confirmed this .
Have you guys have any experiences with this, or any preferences(glass or porcelain)
And what about a clay container(i dont have one at the moment, so i cannot compare)

would love to hear some opinions on this

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Mar 4th 09 10:13 am
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by Oni » Mar 4th 09 10:13 am

I read about experiments with glass stove top safe kettle, and the result was the same that water tasted sharper, try boiling water in the same kettle, and use a glass gaiwan and a porcelain gaiwan with the same amount of tea, the result might show the heat retaining property of both, and next include a yixing pot.
As an alternative experiment someone who has the possibility should try boiling water in a glass kettle, in a yixing kettle (very rare better taiwanese purion kettle), and japanese tetsubin, and finally silver kettle (preferably japanese hand made one, or sterling silver) and heat these on a hot iron plate or a classic electric hot plate, not induction because to much magnetism does no good to the water composition, and boiled only to fish eyes, plus all tastes from small glass cups, you should taste the water hot and once when it is cooled to room temp.