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Jan 21st 06 6:53 pm
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Concert Teapot part two

by librarianpirate » Jan 21st 06 6:53 pm

After Christmas I splurged waaay more than I should have and got myself the concert teapot. Can I say - gorgeous? I'm a library science student right now and I have a fantasy of sitting in my office with my concert teapot glowing and shining and people coming in and telling me how books changed their lives, and I offer them a cup of tea, and the world is lovely.

Great fantasy, eh?

Well, I just wanted to tell you, Adagio, that you made it happen!

(now what to do with my $10 of free tea! I'm thinking - sending my dad a Valentine's day gift, along with a $5 gift certificate of his own. He'll get hooked here too. Just you wait!)