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Salvaging low quality poison...

by WilderleafDan » Apr 15th 18 10:46 pm

Hey Tea nerds!

I have a question for you guys, recently a friend of mine from back home sent me a message with huge excitement. he had stumbled upon a tea set on a buy and share group on facebook and really wanted to buy it. He didn't ask my opinion first and if he had i probably would have discouraged him from buying the set. After seeing the photos I am convinced it is one of the lower quality teapots that risks containing toxic dyes and heavy metals like lead.

So I wonder... I feel bad for my friend and I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a way to treat these types of teawares to minimize the danger. Could they be boiled for extended periods or soaked to draw out these qualities over time and maybe be safe for use later?

My opinion is that he should just buy good quality tea ware, but he doesn't have a huge budget for his tea habit and is really just starting off. Because of this I'd like to help avoid him getting too discouraged.

Any thoughts?

here are some photos he sent me:
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Re: Salvaging low quality poison...

by bagua7 » Apr 19th 18 3:08 am

Please refer to this topic:


A different issue is how the vessel will influence the brew...bad pot ---> poor brew; however a good pot does not necessarily yield a good brew in all instances, hence we have a second rule ---> pot picks the tea.