May 17th 18 8:33 am
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Yixing Zisha Mug

by bluelavender » May 17th 18 8:33 am

Hi fellow forumers,

I'm new here, and would like to ask. I just got myself a new zisha mug. The smell is as per what i expect of new mug, which is dusty and earthy. But it is seriously solid and heavy. I'm wondering, are all zisha mugs / teapots naturally heavy? or is this a fake? Most of clay teapot (non yi-xing) that i have are lighter in comparison.

Thanks :)

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May 28th 18 5:49 am
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Re: Yixing Zisha Mug

by bagua7 » May 28th 18 5:49 am

Is it thick? Possibly because of its higher iron content if it's a red mug.

I wouldn't worry too much. Does it smell like sand or hot rocks when you pour boiling water in it? If so, it's free from chemical crap.

Oct 12th 18 2:19 am
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Re: Yixing Zisha Mug

by carmeloneo » Oct 12th 18 2:19 am

the same masterial:the purer,the lighter.
the lighter,the better workmanship required.
Good teapots you feel just right when holding it in hand.
So if this teapot make you uncomfortable to take it, it's enough to reflect the problem, a good author won't make this kind of works.