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Apr 6th 18 5:36 pm
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Yixing teapot Info needed

by VonWrisberg » Apr 6th 18 5:36 pm

Hello honorable teapeople!
Im new here, and quite new with tea also. Just started to get more in the hobby and in to the east asian tea culture and Gong Fu style etc. So I have question.
I found this Yixing Teapot from a flea market in Finland, and bought it for 10 euros.
I dont know much about Yixing pots, and I would be very happy if somebody could possible
share some info about this; what is the style, is it authentic, what is the clay material?. It also came with a authenticity certificate of sort (in the photo).
It feels authentic, it hasnt been used almost at all, there was no wierd odors, and it brews
good tea imo, so Im happy with it. But I would very much appreciate to your opinions, teapeople!

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Apr 10th 18 5:44 am
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Re: Yixing teapot Info needed

by bagua7 » Apr 10th 18 5:44 am


Unfortunately it's not a Yixing pot, and the certificate is very poorly made too. A very cheap knock-off. Luckily you didn't pay much for it.

On a side note:

China Big in Counterfeit Goods

Cheers :)

Oct 12th 18 3:05 am
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Re: Yixing teapot Info needed

by carmeloneo » Oct 12th 18 3:05 am

Author is Jiang Jianxiang(江建祥), master level but no official title.
even in 2002, you can't buy it 10 euros.