Apr 16th 19 1:19 am
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Please help me identify the teapot!

by Kimwikorn » Apr 16th 19 1:19 am

Hi, I’m very new to the tea world.

My friend got me this teapot from a shop in HK called “Fook Ming Tong”. She said it’s a very reliable shop with good reputation.

Is this Yixing pot authentic? What tea should I use it with? Also, the potter is probably no one famous but if anyone can read his/her name for me, it’ll be a great fun thing to tell guests when serving!

Thank you so much!
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Jun 10th 19 11:59 pm
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Please help me identify the teapot

by emomibsams » Jun 10th 19 11:59 pm

thank you very much
if anybody knew something about the city or region and the maker please tell me