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Oct 18th 19 8:55 pm
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Mysterious yixing teapot questions I never answered

by futurebird » Oct 18th 19 8:55 pm

Hi again everyone! I used to post here a lot, and life got busy, but now I'm getting back in to tea again. I just unpacked my (modest) teapot collection and as I unpacked I remembered how much I'd learned about yixing teapots and how much I love the variety... and yes the difficulty of finding nice teaware here in the US. To mind came some questions I never really found the answer to:

1. Why are yixing teapots often sold in pairs? Particularly when they are boxed, it's common to find two teapots of similar size. Some of the time they are identical, some of the time not so much...
2. Where can I find some teapots with "tall lids" or "long legs" or "deep flanges" this style is so appealing to me and I've only ever seen photos. I may end up looking for one for the rest of my life...
3. Should a shuiping hu style teapot have a straight spout? Or is a curved spout OK?

4. Are some teapots... humorous?
5. What does it mean when people say a teapot is "real" ?
(real not being the same thing as excellent for brewing, I know!)

I have many more questions, but these are the ones that linger...
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