Feb 15th 20 7:01 pm
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Picked this one up at an auction - Pls help

by YunnanLarsson » Feb 15th 20 7:01 pm

I just bought this pot and is too curios not to ask you guys who are experts.
The info at the auction was that the pot is from the early 90´s, and is made of Yixing clay.
But, as all of us know, the fake claims of the clays are crazy out there. So my "starting point" is that is fake, but I need to ask your thoughts.
Secondly I would like to ask about the cleaning for this pot, with the steel/metal outside the pot. Do I clean it inthe same way as I do with my other pots, meaning boiling them carefully wrap in a towel?
Many thanks in advance! And super thanks for a great forum!!
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