Aug 29th 20 2:02 pm
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Decent teapot?

by Moonmoonpie30 » Aug 29th 20 2:02 pm

Hello all,

I am very new to the world of 'tea'. Even though I've been drinking loose leaf tea for years, I only recently learned about clay tea ware and its benefits.

I recently purchased this tea pot and cups (still awaiting delivery). I just fell in love with the looks if this set.

I am not expecting this to be high end. I don't need it to be either. I'm just looking for a satisfying experience drinking tea gong fu cha style where the clay may enhance the taste and experience, and not ruin it.

For me the seller comes across as knowledgeable. What do you guys think... does the price seem to fit the quality? Does it look like a good buy or complete rip off? I don't mind if the clay is a modern mix, as long as it brews a good cup of tea.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this.

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Sep 24th 20 4:58 am
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Re: Decent teapot?

by bagua7 » Sep 24th 20 4:58 am

It's a modern mix of various clays and additives. Yunnan Sourcing used to carry pots using that clay (not sure if they still do today).

OK for puerh.