Apr 1st 21 8:43 pm
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Any information on this tea storage jar appreciated...

by ShadowCaster » Apr 1st 21 8:43 pm

I acquired this tea jar/canister, which I would like to use to store puer.

It came with a strong smell of solvent, which I now believe is lacquer or something else to give a bit of shine to the paint on the outside. I used information found from another post on cleaning tea pots. I boiled the jar and lid for about an hour. After which, the smell was considerably better and I noticed that the sheen on the jar was diminished. I think it(lacquer or something else) was placed on there to make the jar look better. Anyways, I am going to continue working on it until the smell is completely gone.

Is there any reason after completely cleaned that I shouldn't store dry tea leaves in it?

OK, just wondering if anyone could tell me what the lettering means? Also, I am guessing that this is a production product. Any information about this item would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Apr 7th 21 5:34 am
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Re: Any information on this tea storage jar appreciated...

by DailyTX » Apr 7th 21 5:34 am

When I see such color and sheen, it may be shoe polish that was used to make yixing clay teapots or other teawares to look old. If it has smells, it would affect your puerh down the road.