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anyone has experience with these stores?

by lotustea » Apr 22nd 23 2:09 am

Hi all,

I’m looking to buy 3 yixing teapot the size of 260-340 ml, at least 1 teapot is xishi shape. I’m looking for di cao qing and duan ni clay. I have 1 yixing teapot, it has a strange perfume kind of smell. I boiled it many time and steep in tea many time, but the smell still there so I decided not to use it to drink tea. Everyone know there are a lot of fake yixing teapot out there. I see some of yixing teapot in these websites I like. Let me know if any of you have good experience with these websites. Any opinions, suggestions, orhelp regarding these websites or buying yixing teapots would be appreciated. I don’t want another bad experience. I don’t care about half hand made or fully hand made. I don’t care about well-known artist or student artist. I just want good quality pure yixing clay without chemical or mix with non-yixing clay. Thanks in advance.

https://www.realzisha.com/collections/r ... %A5?page=2
https://www.dxyteapot.com/the-master-wo ... 320cc.html
https://www.dxyteapot.com/the-master-wo ... 340cc.html
https://the-chinese-tea-company.com/col ... ing-teapot
https://yannartgallery.com/products/%E5 ... eq=uniform