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Dec 9th 14 9:16 pm
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Yixing amatures

by futurebird » Dec 9th 14 9:16 pm

Anyone else making yixing pots as an amateur? It's hard!

I found some new good videos:

Love the color of the clay! (where do you get your clays?)

This one is less helpful because who has a mould like that at home?

Let's swap notes!

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Dec 9th 14 9:22 pm
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Re: Yixing amatures

by Chip » Dec 9th 14 9:22 pm

Hi, I am going to move this to Teaware and Accessories where it will be more at home. For now I will leave a shadow under its original topic, TeawareArtisans.

TeawareArtisan forum is more for those making a livelihood as an artisan of teaware of some sort and where they can sell their wares on TeaChat.