Jul 21st, '17, 10:01
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My 1st teapot (Da Hong Pao clay) bought from Taobao

by finr0d » Jul 21st, '17, 10:01

So I bought my 1st clay tea pot. Didn't do much research (which I regret now). Not even sure how authentic this is. It costs me about SG$85 which is about US$62.

It smells like the box it came in.

Anybody knows what kind of tea works best with this kind of clay? I'm assuming it's not the real Da Hong Pao clay. Probably some Hongni from Fudong if I'm lucky enough not to get some total crap clay. Thanks!

Here's the link where I bought it.

https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=54 ... 1704653793

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Jul 23rd, '17, 04:43
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Re: My 1st teapot (Da Hong Pao clay) bought from Taobao

by chrl42 » Jul 23rd, '17, 04:43

Looks like new Zhuni (none-Yixing Zhuni), meaning Zhuni from other province. This kind of Zhuni really makes up most of kindly-priced Zhuni market nowadays.

This type often contains iron oxide powder, but miss Li claims it doesn't, I'd trust her :D

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