Sep 20th, '17, 15:31
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Please help to identify

by RichelleCareGiver » Sep 20th, '17, 15:31

Hello all!! I found this at our local thrift store.. it's missing it's lid but I'm wondering if it's a Yixing pot? It only has 1 stamp... I'm perplexed. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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Sep 21st, '17, 01:35
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Re: Please help to identify

by bagua7 » Sep 21st, '17, 01:35

It is not Yixing.

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Sep 21st, '17, 07:05
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Re: Please help to identify

by pedant » Sep 21st, '17, 07:05

yes, not a yixing.

and beyond that, i wouldn't buy it unless you want to use it as a decoration

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