Jul 6th 19 11:25 pm
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Yixing teapot identification

by Boss » Jul 6th 19 11:25 pm

Pls help identify this teapot.
The stamp inside the the lid i beileve reads ‘ Yin Zhong-Yun’ (maker).
Is this a real Yixing pot?
Any idea of year or value would be much appreciated.
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Jul 10th 19 2:37 pm
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Re: Yixing teapot identification

by TEAMOOD » Jul 10th 19 2:37 pm

It is a Yixing teapot, from zisha and typical local surface decorated. Clay is normal and artist skill should be normal.
we local call it a Hua Qi or Hua Huo(surface decorated either By colors matching or sculpture).

from the bottom seal type, it'd not be of old age.