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Jul 15th 19 5:28 am
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Jul.14th,2019: 1st group of Yixing Zisha teapots

by TEAMOOD » Jul 15th 19 5:28 am

Hi Tea Fans,

Today I'd like to introduce you guys about something new from our local circle-series of Chai Shao Yao Bian from the local preserved acient Dragon Kilns /柴烧窑变. It consumes pine tree limb from which the oil contained and unique kiln atmosphere make the teapot surface special.
The flows of firing heat inside the kiln directly contacted the teapots, leaving elegant and random curves(like clouds in the sky)on the teapots. There are more designs of this serires. maybe they are not the same with Fujian Chai Shao which I like also but gets its specialty here as it is from the acient dragon kiln processed as per acient receipe.
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Jul 21st 19 5:16 am
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Re: Jul.14th,2019: 1st group of Yixing Zisha teapots

by Spanky » Jul 21st 19 5:16 am

Interesting, I have not seen something quit like dis before.

Is the fire path (and ash) allowed to directly interact with the pots in the kiln?Is this ash glaze?

Do u happen to know the name of this effect in Chines? Thanks