Jul 17th 19 8:38 pm
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Identification of an interesting Yixing teapot

by Clemens » Jul 17th 19 8:38 pm

I am new in teapots and amazed about them. I would like to get some identification of a beautiful teapot I’ve just bought from a lady that got it from her Chinese business partner.
According to a great Chinese proverb that a picture tells more than thousand words here are the pictures.

http://www.produktivnost.si/wp-content/ ... C_2408.jpg
http://www.produktivnost.si/wp-content/ ... C_2402.jpg
http://www.produktivnost.si/wp-content/ ... C_2400.jpg
http://www.produktivnost.si/wp-content/ ... C_2407.jpg
http://www.produktivnost.si/wp-content/ ... C_2406.jpg
http://www.produktivnost.si/wp-content/ ... C_2405.jpg
http://www.produktivnost.si/wp-content/ ... C_2404.jpg
http://www.produktivnost.si/wp-content/ ... C_2401.jpg
http://www.produktivnost.si/wp-content/ ... C_2398.jpg
http://www.produktivnost.si/wp-content/ ... C_2397.jpg

Thank you for your kindness and expertise.

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Jul 17th 19 8:38 pm
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Re: Identification of an interesting Yixing teapot

by TEAMOOD » Jul 17th 19 8:38 pm

Hello Clemens,
From the packages, the author is honest on the deacription about the teapot that it was made on a spinning tray.
Clay seems all right.
Craftman Techniques seem quite poor. just see the poor roundess of the neck.
No specific trackable author seal on bottom.

Hope the seller was honest about the price to you too.
The telephone sticked on the package shows the store is from Dongguan,Guangdong Province.

Jul 17th 19 8:39 pm
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Re: Identification of an interesting Yixing teapot

by himitsu~ » Jul 17th 19 8:39 pm

modern made pot, look alright but hope you didn't pay much for it
clay looks kinda like jiangponi