Oct 2nd 19 4:30 pm
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Yixing Trip

by sugarspikes » Oct 2nd 19 4:30 pm


I'm planning a trip to Yixing to see the teapots being made and make some purchases. Has anyone been and would you have any recommendations for stores, pottery masters, workshops, and the like? :)

Oct 9th 19 8:54 am
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Re: Yixing Trip

by 12Tea » Oct 9th 19 8:54 am

You'll be overwhelmed by the choice. No specific recommendations, but at least allow 2 days to visit many workshops, take a good look at the ones you like, and if possible test how it pours. It's a good chance to find the perfect teapot (clay type, shape, size etc), which is much harder when you order online.