Jan 20th 20 10:03 pm
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Weird taste

by Melki » Jan 20th 20 10:03 pm

Hello all!

I'm getting in touch to get some help regarding my yixing clay teapot.
I used it for a few month and everything was fine... until I forgot, one time, to remove the leafs and some moisture got in. I tried to clean it, "boil" it in clean water, but whatever I do, there is a weird taste that just ruins the tea.

Would you have some tips for me? I would be very grateful....



Feb 5th 20 3:47 pm
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Re: Weird taste

by BenHK » Feb 5th 20 3:47 pm

where do you live? can you buy fresh soft Tofu?

fill up the pot with Tofu, vacuum bag it, put it fridge overnight,
next day use a very big pot to small fire boil the teapot in water for like 1 hour
bin the Tofu and see the smell get better or not, if not, repeat the step.

hope this can help you