Jan 22nd 20 11:04 pm
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Yixing clay (Zisha) teapot

by Gkons » Jan 22nd 20 11:04 pm

I recently got a new semi-handmade Zisha teapot and as i read it is recommended to brew only one type of tea with it, but i really want to experiment with different types of teas before deciding the specific type of tea i want to brew with Zisha.
Lets say 40-50 brews with 4-5 different type of teas and i going to destroy my teapot by making the clay absorb different flavors?

Jan 27th 20 3:09 am
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Re: Yixing clay (Zisha) teapot

by Gregg » Jan 27th 20 3:09 am

Don't worry. I wish it was that easy for a pot to capture tea essence. in fact there is no way to tell what tea a pot works with unless you play with it a bit.

Once you decide then you can re-boil and season it. Then buy more pots.