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Jun 9th 20 1:24 am
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Please help me, with the age of this Yixing Teapot

by hharriscann » Jun 9th 20 1:24 am

I bought this nice Yixing teapot and I would like to know how old it is. If anyone can help I would love the input. It has three pieces, the outer bowl, the inner pot and the lid. It's very unique.
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Jun 9th 20 9:23 pm
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Re: Please help me, with the age of this Yixing Teapot

by Patrick Humphreys » Jun 9th 20 9:23 pm

That is not a teapot. It is a wine pot and warmer set. The warmer, the outer part, is filled with hot water to keep the inner pot, which is filled with hot wine, warm. These sets were very common through the Qing dynasty into the Republic period and later. They were usually made of porcelain, but you will find all kinds: pewter, brass, silver, cloisonné. I suspect they were made primarily as decorative pieces for export to the West, as you come across them all the time over here. They are not terribly serious antiques, but not junk either. Some of the porcelain ones can be quite nice.

It is very similar to this one, no?

Yours is Yixing of sorts, although I can't comment on the quality of the clay and construction, as that is not my expertise. However, I can speculate that it is from the first half of the 20th century. Perhaps slightly later. I don't think that it is a serious piece of Yixing. More like export quality, as I stated above. This is merely my opinon.