Jun 20th 20 8:32 pm
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Genuine Old Zhu Ni teapot for sale (nannoushan impulse purchase)

by Sirstarr » Jun 20th 20 8:32 pm


As the title says I impulse bought an old Zhuni teapot from nannoushan during the depths of lockdown boredom.

It really is way too expensive for me to keep (€210)... so deciding to sell it on to someone who will really appreciate it.

Obviously I can provide original receipts and even get nannoushan to confirm the purchase/teapot.

Here’s a quick description on their website about the clay:
“The Lightbulb teapot is made of the precious Lao Zhuni (老朱泥) clay, a rare red ore extracted from the now closed mine in Xiaomeiyao (小煤窑), among the most famous site for Yixing ore extraction.
This Zhuni is particularly rare because the clay has been aged for more than a decade, stored at the entrance of the mine, before it has been shaped into a teapot and fired. The suffix "lao" ("old" in Mandarin) refers to the long storage.”