Apr 20th 21 9:01 pm
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Wood-fired ash glaze

by mcgreave » Apr 20th 21 9:01 pm

The natural glaze that is formed by wood-firing yixing is very interesting and beautiful:
https://mudandleaves.com/blogs/teatime/ ... ng-teapots

Does anyone know if this "ash glaze" acts like a normal glaze? Does it affect or prevent the patina from forming on the outside? Does it affect the inside of the pot at all and how the pot flavors?

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Apr 23rd 21 6:45 am
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Re: Wood-fired ash glaze

by Teasenz » Apr 23rd 21 6:45 am

My experience with wood-fired teapots is that the teapot is somewhat more dense, and the appearance is somewhat more oily looking. I don't have any experience on how such clay affects flavour though.
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