Aug 9th 21 5:31 am
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input on this Yinchen Zhuni teapot

by vjteames » Aug 9th 21 5:31 am

Hello all,
I'm looking for experience and knowledgable input on a pot I've got my eye on. It is from Yinchen Studio. I have two other Yinchen pots that I am very pleased with but this zhuni pot falls outside of zhuni characteristics that I am familiar with.
The claim is that it is made out of 40 year old Zhuni from Huanglong dug roughly with a bit of other clays mixed in including duanni. It is clearly a coarser sifting of ground ore like older pots were once processed with a 26-30 screen.
Do any of you have experience with Yinchen and knowledge of the type of zhuni that this pot is supposedly made of?
Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 10.18.51 PM.png ... eapot-80ml
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Aug 26th 21 7:49 am
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Re: input on this Yinchen Zhuni teapot

by bagua7 » Aug 26th 21 7:49 am

If it's real pear skin ZN it would be worth well over a thousand bucks. Modern hongi blend; but don't get me wrong they brew very nice tea. I'd buy it myself. Price is fair.

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