Oct 1st 21 1:19 am
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What is considered high-fired?

by KonsciousTeaMan » Oct 1st 21 1:19 am

Hi guys, I recently bought my first Yixing pot from Red Blossom Tea company. I really didn't know much about Yixing going into the purchase other than the basics, but I just found myself obsessed with this teapot color and design. Now, I'm doing the research and wondering what to expect out of this pot.
It's Duan Ni clay and I was told the firing temperature could range from 1000-1200 C

Anyway, my question is, what temperatures are considered high-fired?

I've read a lot about the different clays, but haven't found much material on the process of making them and how it affects their behavior with tea, that isn't somewhat conflicting. Seems a lot of what I've read in terms of the behavior of how it works with tea is subjective. Anywany, I hope my next yixing purchase will be more well informed. Thank you all for any inputs. Happy to be part of this community.