Jun 6th 22 1:28 pm
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Teapot looks slightly dull over time

by mesozoickara » Jun 6th 22 1:28 pm


So I've had the Adagio Harbin teapot (made of Qing Shui Ni clay reportedly) for about 6 months now for light roast oolong, but its my first unglazed teapot. I use it for multiple steepings in a sitting probably twice a month.

Lately i've notice the exterior of the pot has gotten a little... dull? It was never an over lustre-y finish but it seems more muted than before. Could this be calcium from the water? An inherent part of this clay type? Am I not 'feeding it' enough? Some other issue I don't know about?

Any guidance and suggestions for better care would be appreciated, thanks!