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Jun 15th, '09, 10:19
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show two big yixing teapot paper cut

by finddream2020 » Jun 15th, '09, 10:19

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the birth of the shouzhen workshop founder cheng shouzhen, my father's good friend who is famous paper cut master help us design two teapot style paper cut.



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Jun 15th, '09, 10:25
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by Victoria » Jun 15th, '09, 10:25

Wow! Beautiful!

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Jun 15th, '09, 13:35
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by coloradopu » Jun 15th, '09, 13:35

will you make this pot? is the paper cut onto the clay?

what is this?

congrats on the anniversary wish i could share my tea with you to celebrate

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Jun 15th, '09, 14:01
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by MarshalN » Jun 15th, '09, 14:01

These are what she said they are - cut paper, really. Artists will use one piece of paper and make cuts in it to come out looking like this. The little red lines are all that's left -- if done well it's quite amazing.

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Jun 15th, '09, 14:11
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by betta » Jun 15th, '09, 14:11

Very nice. Happy anniversary, Chen!

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