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Re: Filters and Kettles

by Puerh3 » Mar 21st 19 1:01 am

nimpercent wrote: Hey guys.

I have been using tap water for my tea for a good while now. I live in FL so I get my water from the aquifer, which has plenty of strange minerals in it. It hasn't seemed to affect flavor very much, but then again I have had only limited comparisons with filtered water. So my question is this; what kinds of filters are the best (keeping in mind I'm not rich)?

Binchotan stick that you put in a jar with water. It will trap chemical and release mineral.

For a keetle, get a tetsubin!

Secondly, I have been using a stainless steel stove pot and a thermometer to heat my water for a good amount of time. Is there any advantage kettles have over this? What's a good kettle to buy (again keeping in mind I don't have unlimited funds)?