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Feb 20th 13 7:43 pm
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Re: Keeping tea warm at work.

by Panda » Feb 20th 13 7:43 pm

This thermos keeps tea hot like you wouldn't believe. In college, I would make tea in the morning, and then if I didn't have time to drink much of it during the day, it would still be almost too hot to drink when I got home in the late afternoon. ... pd_sim_k_3

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Feb 20th 13 9:26 pm
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Re: Keeping tea warm at work.

by teaisme » Feb 20th 13 9:26 pm

I would second the suggestions to just brew enough for your needs at that time, electic kettle at desk.

It takes more time but really is worth it to make it fresh and not have your water or tea staling in a thermos. I used to go the thermos route, will not return since I don't like to grandpa much either :wink:

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Feb 25th 13 5:26 am
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Re: Keeping tea warm at work.

by chamekke » Feb 25th 13 5:26 am

I feel your pain, OP :-)

I used to have a very elaborate tea "station" at my office desk, complete with my own Adagio kettle (with configurable settings!), a cha-koboshi for discarded water, a tea thermometer, and a huge collection of tea wares.

Then last spring my office went mobile :shock: and everything I use has to fit inside a tiny locker. There wasn't room any more for my beloved tea things! (Not to mention my work-related stuff... :wink: )

Well, needs must. Nowadays I have a small tea set consisting of a small canister filled with Adagio's Yunnan Black tea, a thermos (to be filled with nearly-boiling water), a small gaiwan for brewing the tea, and a yunomi to decant the tea into. The whole thing fits on a jolly little red-lacquered tray. I chose Yunnan Black because it's a marvellously forgiving black tea so even if I under- or over-brew, or the temperature of the water isn't quite right, it's still really good to drink. And using a gaiwan means that I can make cup after cup, each one fresh and hot.

I miss the days when I prepared gyokuro for my fellow workers at the end of the day, but... you've got to work with what you've got!

Anyway, I do think the gaiwan solution is a great one for the office. The tea is always fresh and hot because you drink each small cup immediately after you brew it. Heck, if you're really minimalist, you can even drink your tea directly out of the gaiwan :D

Jan 17th 20 2:32 am
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Re: Keeping tea warm at work.

by kekeily » Jan 17th 20 2:32 am

The Ember mug warmer is nice. I gave it to my husband as a Christmas gift. He likes tea very much, but in winter, the water in the tea cup quickly gets cold. This mug warmer keeps tea warm so it's not too cold or too hot. I also see that VOBAGA has something similar, just a plate and no cup. It looks much better than other warmers. :D