Nov 8th 15 5:25 am
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Re: Infrared hot plate

by Puerlife » Nov 8th 15 5:25 am

Cold? No. You pour boiling water into the teapot before putting it on the burner, so of course the pot and the burner are hot. Even then, sometimes it's hard to get the tea to boil on level 2. Other times it boils easily. It helps to put the pot close to the kettle in order to absorb that extra heat. My friend's cracked pots are of high quality purple clay.
I recently learned that Purple Cane in KL sells Lin kettles; in fact I've been drinking Lin kettle heated water in many sessions at my friend's without knowing it, heated with an alcohol flame. Maybe Purple Cane has pots, too. I'll look next time.

Feb 25th 20 10:33 pm
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Re: Infrared hot plate

by wasprobot » Feb 25th 20 10:33 pm

Puerlife wrote: I bought both in KL.
They look great! What's KL? Where can I see these products?