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Jun 12th 15 7:23 pm
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Re: Electric Kettles

by Curly » Jun 12th 15 7:23 pm

Sorry you got a lemon. I haven't had any problems at all.

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Aug 7th 15 6:28 am
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Re: Electric Kettles

by the_winding_path » Aug 7th 15 6:28 am

coming from the coffee side of brewing, I have used and tested some different var temp kettles. I personally found the Bonavita to be the nicest and most convenient esp with the settings on the base and not the kettle. I personally didn't like the pour of any gooseneck as even with the lid slightly ajar they always had a glugging action and never poured smoothly. Maybe just be me but Having used a ChefMate Smartkettle for a couple years I could pour very easily and controlled with the normal stubby spout better than the gooseneck. I removed the stubby spout's plastic screen and housing pretty easily and it is much cheaper than any other var temp kettle too. It is the kettle I sold to customers for two years without any returns or problems.

Dec 25th 15 3:42 am
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Re: Electric Kettles

by TimHess81 » Dec 25th 15 3:42 am

This thread has been cool awhile, so let's see if I can reboil :D I am interested in an electric kettle and infused combo, but don't want to shell out the $250 for the Breville. I'd rather spent it on tea! I found this on Amazon and wondered if others had experience with it or advice?

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Dec 25th 15 4:40 am
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Re: Electric Kettles

by CWarren » Dec 25th 15 4:40 am

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Dec 25th 15 6:05 am
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Re: Electric Kettles

by pizzapotamus » Dec 25th 15 6:05 am

Well it does say the basket comes out so you could bring the water to temp and then put the basket in and/or remove the basket to avoid oversteeping if you weren't emptying the kettle right away(though it would probably be quite hot) so as long as you're looking for 1.5 litres of tea it sounds like it would work fine.

Of course these days I'd call 1/5 of a litre a large brew :P so I'd not be making use of the infuser basket

Jan 6th 22 10:02 am
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Re: Electric Kettles

by gabriellehunter » Jan 6th 22 10:02 am

I would like some opinion on electric kettles . I would like a single vessel system but am not sure if I need the pump or not . I have read many complaints about temp inconsistency so that bothers me some . I do have a bag that I would probably use , but wouldn’t if I could get good results without . Thanks