Nov 21st 23 5:11 am
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Tea-Lover Seeks Clear Kettle for Sinus Rinse

by lsanbourne » Nov 21st 23 5:11 am

Hello TeaChat community,

As a passionate tea enthusiast and a professional baritone singer, I find myself in a unique situation. I'm currently recovering from sinus surgery and incorporating a budesonide sinus rinse into my daily routine.

To make this experience even less painful, I'm on the lookout for a clear kettle that rapidly heats water to 98.6ºF (37ºC).

If any fellow tea lovers have stumbled upon a kettle that fits this description or have any recommendations from other domains (sous vide? breast milk warmers?), your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your tea-riffic help!

Warm regards,