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Jun 8th 05 11:04 pm
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Water Kettle - CUTE!

by teachat » Jun 8th 05 11:04 pm

I just received this water kettle:

This is the cutest thing! It's really cute, with a very clean look. I just made my first cup of tea from it today. It was so fun for me and my family to watch the water boil in the kettle. The handle doesn't get hot, but it's gently warm, so that you can lift the kettle with your bare hand around the handle and pour your tea. I was concerned I'd need to use a potholder to pour my tea. It's a really nice kettle and if you're thinking of getting it, put your name on the notify list, because right now it appears to be sold out.

Two cons: it doesn't have a whistle. I need to set a timer for it, or make sure I'm in the kitchen while the water's going. Two. It is breakable of course. So it needs to be handled with care. But it should be ok, since the only time my teakettle comes off the stove is when I need to wash it.

This kettle makes making a cup of tea even more enjoyable! If you get this kettle I'd love to see your post and see how you like it.


Aug 8th 05 1:46 am

RE Water Kettle

by Michelle » Aug 8th 05 1:46 am

Just be very careful with the tea kettle -- i had mine for about 2 months when it cracked while on the stove .. almost boiling water all over the place.