Oct 1st, '14, 04:15
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Plastic-free electric kettle?

by Ocha » Oct 1st, '14, 04:15

Is there such a thing as an electric kettle without plastic parts inside. In other words, a kettle where only stainless steel gets in touch with the water?
I've been followin various online discussions and websites but at best it seems you can only get kettles with less plastic parts.

The ultimate kettle would of course be the above and in addition have temperature control, making it suitable for various teas.

Oct 1st, '14, 05:05
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Re: Plastic-free electric kettle?

by BW85 » Oct 1st, '14, 05:05

Bonavita variable temp

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Oct 1st, '14, 07:33
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Re: Plastic-free electric kettle?

by Poseidon » Oct 1st, '14, 07:33

As bw85 mentioned, Bonavita makes really nice kettles out of stainless steel. They can be had for ~$100 USD. I personally use a kettle that is glass but it does have a clear rubber grommet on the bottom around the heating element. Ive been using it everyday for over a month and it has never given me any negative flavors in the water. I do understand your concern though.

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Oct 1st, '14, 08:39
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Re: Plastic-free electric kettle?

by Puk » Oct 1st, '14, 08:39

I have a Hao Yeou electric kettle. Its look and features are like a Kamjove except it's made in Taiwan (no converter needed). It's serving me well. Stainless steel.

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Oct 6th, '14, 16:39
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Re: Plastic-free electric kettle?

by wyardley » Oct 6th, '14, 16:39

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Oct 7th, '14, 03:25
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Re: Plastic-free electric kettle?

by Alex » Oct 7th, '14, 03:25

They can be hard to find! I know you wanted electric but in the end I when with the Hario Drip Kettle - which is stove top

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hario-1-Piece-S ... B000IGOXLS

Would buy another in an instant!

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