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Oct 10th, '14, 17:24
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Picking The Right Hot Plate for Kettle

by bambooforest » Oct 10th, '14, 17:24

I've narrowed it down to two possible choices:

Waring SB30 for $47.24


Cadco PCR-1S for $109.99

Kettle to be used with hot plate: Yama Glass Chinese Water Kettle (40 oz)

My concern with the Waring is that the side edges are made of plastic, and I'm paranoid that those plastic edges will get so hot (because the metal they touch does get hot) that something toxic will be released. Perhaps this fear is without merit, but wanted other people's perspective on it.

In contrast, the Cadco's casing is entirely stainless steel, albeit $62.75 more, money that could be used to purchase tea.

Is my concern over the Waring fantasy land, or is there any reasonability to it?

Lastly, I watched a video covering the Waring; it said if you use a pan that stretches over the plastic parts of the hot plate, they can melt. However, I have no plan to use anything but the Yama kettle; is it safe to assume that the spout, if it goes over the plastic part of the Waring, that heat would not radiate from the spout, causing any kind of effect on the plastic edges of the Waring? I doubt the spout would radiate heat like that--but want to ask anyways.

Thank you.

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Oct 10th, '14, 19:59
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Re: Picking The Right Hot Plate for Kettle

by entropyembrace » Oct 10th, '14, 19:59

It sounds like the plastic on the Waring is close to the highest temperature it can handle in normal operating conditions if you have to be worried about covering it with a pan. I don't think the kettle spout would be close enough to cause any harm but I'd still go for the more expensive Cadco hot plate instead...

Oct 10th, '14, 21:30
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Re: Picking The Right Hot Plate for Kettle

by steanze » Oct 10th, '14, 21:30

I have the Waring pro, I'm using it right now to boil water in a tetsubin (making some dancong :P). The plastic is warm but not hot - I can keep my hand on it without feeling burned. I don't think it would be a problem in your case, but if you are worried that the spout of the kettle will be very close to the plastic go for the Cadco hot plate.

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Oct 11th, '14, 22:58
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Re: Picking The Right Hot Plate for Kettle

by Jaymo » Oct 11th, '14, 22:58

That spout won't be a problem. There is plenty of room below it for airflow.

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Oct 11th, '14, 23:03
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Re: Picking The Right Hot Plate for Kettle

by kyarazen » Oct 11th, '14, 23:03

ever considered moving towards halogen? :(

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