Nov 9th 14 11:42 pm
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Kamjove Induction Kettle (Vx series)

by waldemar » Nov 9th 14 11:42 pm

Hi all -
We've just acquired a Kamjove induction kettle, the V160 - fabulous, if a bit loud (as others have noted). It came with a Chinese instruction manual - does anyone have a translation of this to offer? I've figured out the on-off button (far right), that the next one allows you to switch to partial wattage mode (from 100-1600 watts), that the dial around the display lets you control the wattage), that the middle-left button apparently controls manual (various temperatures?) and full auto operation, and that the far left button may have something to do with time. It would be great to know more, as well as be aware of the cautions and caveats.
In any case, this thing heats the water very quickly and seems to be just what I wanted.
Thanks for your help! I'd be happy to post scans of the relevant pages if someone is fluent in Chinese. My attempt to use a photo translator yielded results much more opaque than any other manual I've ever seen.