Dec 14th, '14, 19:57
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Electric Kettle

by alix » Dec 14th, '14, 19:57

I'm searching an electric kettle with control temperature 60-100° with step 5°
How it's good? ... emperatura ... sell+hobbs

or other one????

Jan 28th, '15, 16:40
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Re: Electric Kettle

by Greenteaguru » Jan 28th, '15, 16:40

i use a Bosch kettle, it's variable temperature and seemingly bulletproof. It's all I've ever used.

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Jan 28th, '15, 17:55
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Re: Electric Kettle

by debunix » Jan 28th, '15, 17:55

I have used the gooseneck from Bonavita and several of the Digital Kettle Pro model by Pino. I've had one Pino thermometer failure in the 3 years so so since I got my first one--no other problems with any of them.

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